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An Exclusive disease of the Maxilla(upper jaw)—Sinus Toothache

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Life can become a disaster if you have pain in an area due to multiple reasons. One disease of that type is the throbbing pain you experience in the sinus and maxillary area. A disease that is confusing for the dentist to diagnose.

Sinus area:-

Sinus is an air filled cavity. We have about 7 sinuses in the head. Areas around the temple, around the cheek, areas around the back of Maxilla.(includes upper molars and pre-molars) Any inflammation of the sinus area leads to a disease namely sinusitis. If it is connected with tooth pain, it can be a sinusitis at the back of Maxilla.

Maxillary area:-

The upper dentition which particularly includes the back molars and pre-molars.


This disease generally occurs to a person who is prone to allergic symptoms. The tissue in the sinus gets inflamed. Other symptoms include running nose, severe headache, pain in areas around cheek. Fluid gets clogged in the sinus area. In our standing position, it is difficult for the fluid to drain out. Thus this pain of the maxillary sinus can cause severe pressure at the back of the Maxilla, resulting in a tooth ache.

Tooth ache

If it is a periodontal disease, then you can see inflamed bleeding gums, cavities or any other similar symptom. This infection of the maxillary tooth might infect the upper maxillary sinus and cause sinusitis.

Thus this disease is reversible.
If there is disease in one area, there is a chance that the other area also gets affected.

Treatment for Sinusitis

The fluid can be drained out by consuming tablets containing antihistamines. You will have to consume tablets maybe from 7-10 days. In some particularly rare cases, a surgery might be needed.

Treatment for toothache

There are some homemade remedies for toothache:

  • Applying clove oil in a cotton swab on the area. You will not feel the pain for one hour.
  • Garlic treatment:-By applying garlic clove on the affected area.
  • Ginger roots are considered a natural remedy for this.
  • Turmeric paste also can be applied.

Apart from all these you should consult your dentist for a permanent solution to this problem.

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